NBCA Leadership

By Laws and Articles of Incorporation

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  • Articles of Incorporation

NBCA Board 2018

 Art Hansen, President  president@northbriarcliff.org 404-702-9194

Ralph Carl, Vice President vp@northbriarcliff.org

Richard Casner, Secretary secretary@northbriarcliff.org 

John Morrow, Treasurer treasurer@northbriarcliff.org

Annette Coker

Larry Foster, PDK Watch pdk@northbriarcliff.org

Maizie Hale

Michael Leidner

Nirmal Thakker

NBCA Off-Board 2018

Annabeth Balance

Maggie Casner

Kyle Johnson, Webmaster webmaster@northbriarcliff.org 

Teresa Morris

Billie Sherrod, I-85 Interchange Garden interchange@northbriarcliff.org 

Cindy Williams, Watershed creeks@northbriarcliff.org