NBCA Holiday Appreciation for Police and Fire – December 4, 2013 Photos

NBCA Holiday Appreciation for Police and Fire – December 4, 2013

To our neighbors,

We hope that you and your families are enjoying the holiday season.  Below are pictures from our recent NBCA Appreciation Lunch at North Central Police Precinct and our Visit to our home Fire Station #22 to drop off goodies and snacks.   As always, the officers enjoyed the yummy baked goods from neighbors.  Our buffet lunch included baked chicken and sides from Kroger @ Northlake and salads and fruit trays from Chick-Fil-A @ Northlake Festival.   Thanks to everyone that provided food and/or gift cards!!   Drawings were held during lunch for the gift cards and the officers were very pleased.  We also shared gift cards with the fire fighters at Station #22.

Enjoy the holidays and stay safe!! Report anything that looks suspicious by calling 911!!!  The police don’t know if we don’t tell them!!!

Gayle Yeager, Sherry Treco-Jones and Michael Gross – Your NBCA Neighborhood Watch Team


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