Municipal Options

The North Briarcliff Civic Association (NBCA) Position on Cityhood

At this time, the NCA is neutral about possible inclusion in a city. The NBCA has not contributed to any cityhood initiative or group. Our priority is to educate you about the issues. When more information is available, the NBCA might decide to take a position. Before any referendum, we will sponsor a public meeting to discuss that specific city, its feasibility, and potential costs and benefits.


Two different concepts for a potential new city, both of which would include the NBCA area, are being developed by the following organizations:

Lakeside City Alliance, Inc. (incorporated 2/6/2013):
City of Briarcliff Initiative, Inc. (incorporated 5/23/2013):



There is also an organized movement to explore a City of Tucker; their proposed map DOES NOT include the NBCA area.
More info: ;


Click here for a list of bills introduced in the 2013 state legislative session which ended March 28 that may be of interest to anyone following cityhood proposals.  Names of sponsoring legislators & their district numbers are included.  Placeholder bills to create a new city will be fundraising during the summer to fund feasibility studies which should appear in the fall of 2013, allowing the legislation to be debated during the 2014 legislative session (January-March).


FEB 19 TOWN HALL Sponsored by NBCA

North Briarcliff Civic Association (NBCA) held a meeting for its members with DECA-area residents invited as guests, Feb 19, 2013, on the question “Should this part of DeKalb County consider cityhood or not?”  Approximately 170-180 people participated in this meeting at Shallowford Presbyterian Church.  Throughout the process, we strove to maintain neutrality and learn what folks were thinking, without trying to influence them.

Context:  At the time of the meeting, there had been talk of introducing placeholder new-cityhood legislation during the current session and more than one potential map was in circulation.

In advance of the meeting, and given as a hand-out at the meeting, was an FAQ document on cityhoods.  (Click Here)


The meeting started with brief introductions to structures and processes involved in various proposed cityhoods:

  • County Commissioner Jeff Rader spoke briefly about the structures and interrelationships of Georgia counties and cities and how a City of DeKalb proposal would function.
  • Former State Representative Elena Parent spoke about her direct experiences with both the Brookhaven cityhood movement and the movement to annex the DECA area to Chamblee and the legislative and voting processes involved in both new cityhoods and annexations.

The meeting broke into “small groups” with facilitators (mainly NBCA board members) to discuss the following suggested questions with respect for every opinion.

  • Are there good reasons to consider cityhood for our neighborhoods or not?  What are the Pros and Cons?
  • If a city were to be formed, where would you picture the best boundaries for an area that represents a community of common interest, likely to be able to work together, that includes your neighborhood?  What factors go into that selection?  What impact would incorporating these boundaries have on the economic and social quality of life of all the residents?

The whole meeting came back together and brief summaries of the discussions were presented and a few questions, arising in the group discussions, were answered.

All participants were asked to fill out a Survey on their opinions at the end of the meeting.  A total of 71 surveys were received and tabulated, including eight that were deposited in the collection box prior to the Small Group discussion sessions. The tabulated results of those surveys are available here.  (Click Here)