May 20th Elections – A List of Offices & Candidates

The attached list of offices & candidates was created from the lists web-posted Saturday by the Secretary of State and by DeKalb Voter Registration & Elections.  Candidates qualify with one of those two entities; each creates their own list and selects their own format for that list.  You get candidates emails and websites from the state but mailing addresses and phone numbers from the county. It includes the NBCA area but also extends beyond it.

On this list, you’ll see a lot of offices where only one candidate qualified but anything highlighted in yellow means there is actually a choice to be made between candidates on May 20, in elections including:

  1. non-partisan election (judges, board of education). These offices will appear on all ballots.
  2. special election (sheriff). This office will appear on all ballots.
  3. party-specific primary elections (major parties choose their candidates for the November ballot).  The voter must select which party’s primary election you wish to vote in and will see only the candidates running under that party’s banner.
  4. If there are Yes/No questions on the May 20th ballot, statewide or countywide issues will be on all ballots, while a cityhood question will only be on the ballots of voters within the drawn boundaries of that particular proposed city.

#s 1 and 2 will be complete after the Primary (and maybe a runoff).

#3 candidates continue on to the November ballot AND 3rd party candidates will be added to the list.  Also, there is one non-partisan office that will appear in November as I understand it … a seat on the Soil & Water Commission for DeKalb County.

For the most part, NBCA area voters vote at the Hawthorne or Lakeside precinct, with smaller numbers voting at Henderson Mill and evensmaller numbers (if any) at Briarlake Elem.  This chart gives the districts applicable to each of those precincts:

[table id=1 /]

Link: Candidates qualifying to appear on central DeKalb ballots, May 20, 2014