Second Round of Open Houses Scheduled for DeKalb County Transit Master Plan

Second Round of Open Houses Scheduled for DeKalb County Transit Master Plan

Engagement Activities Set to Provide Opportunity for Public Input and Information

WHAT: A second round of public open houses are scheduled to gather valuable community input about potential transit improvements for DeKalb County. We will present ideas generated during the initial phase of the project including the first round of public open houses, stakeholder advisory committee meetings, and public survey.

The DeKalb Transit Master Plan will ultimately address DeKalb County’s mobility challenges, help to enhance future development opportunities, and improve the quality of life within each of DeKalb’s cities and unincorporated communities, both north and south. The plan will also seize opportunities in DeKalb County for service enhancements today and expansion opportunities tomorrow to create a 30-year vision and beyond for transit investments.

Two public meetings were held March 2018 to gather community input on transportation views. The initial round of Open Houses was held October 2018. Public outreach activities will continue until May 2019.

WHO: DeKalb County Government, in partnership with the Atlanta Regional Commission, and the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority are working together to develop DeKalb County’s Transit Master Plan.


Interactive public activities planned. Area Commissioners, engaged citizens, and local community stakeholders invited. The same information will be presented at all three open houses.

Community members can arrive anytime to the most convenient location.

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