Local Watershed Maps:

North Fork Peachtree Creek
(provided by the North Briarcliff Civic Association, 2016)

NBCA_Hydrological and Flood Plain Map -2016


Standard Quality Version:https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4HzdG2VTCW7LTFIZ25FTmRNZjQ/view?usp=sharing

High Quality Version:https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4HzdG2VTCW7UWpNM0IzaXl1STg/view?usp=sharing

(Download it and view it in a full PDF Viewer to be able to zoom in and select layers)


CreekTalk discussion group

TOPIC: handling of Natural Water Resources (creeks, lakes, runoff)

Created by NBCA (North Briarcliff Civic Association)

Open to all neighborhoods in the watershed of the North Fork of Peachtree Creek

CreekTalk in an email-based communication system, providing the opportunity for discussion among everyone interested in its topic – from flooding prevention to recreational possibilities to maintenance needs and methods – anything related to the local creeks and lakes that provide stormwater runoff in the watershed of the North Fork Peachtree Creek. CreekTalk also has a website where resource lists, proposal documentation and similar materials can be displayed/shared on a semi-permanent basis; see https://creektalk.groups.io/g/main

Ø  JOIN:   Just send an email to main+subscribe@CreekTalk.groups.io

Ø  SPEAK:    Subscribers just send an email to main@CreekTalk.groups.io   Any subscriber’s email is automatically distributed to all subscribers.

Ø  LEAVE:  If you ever want to discontinue your subscription, just send an email to main+unsubscribe@CreekTalk.groups.io

CreekTalk is a discussion group; treat it like an ongoing virtual meeting by listening to what others are saying and contributing your knowledge and opinions.  Rude or disrespectful behavior will be cause for any subscriber to be cautioned and potentially removed from the group.

NBCA created CreekTalk to:

  • Provide a venue where people may share ideas, concerns and information about watershed-oriented current events and meetings, resources, cases with good and bad outcomes, etc.
  • Increase the potential for reaching decisions about shared concerns (such as managing erosion and sedimentation, reducing stormwater runoff and flooding, reducing or sharing the cost of dredging, creating greenways, etc.).
  • Motivate a large enough active constituency to make things happen.

Help bring together the people who are concerned about the health and usage of local creeks and lakes by subscribing and also asking appropriate friends and neighbors to subscribe to CreekTalk.